Power Systems

MES provides the Egyptian market with Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (U.P.S.) ranging from 600 VA to 500 KVA with facilities for connecting large units in parallel to 5000 kVA.

Main supplier of M.E.S. is Eaton, a Fortune 500 US energy company  with revenues of $20 Billion and employing nearly 100,000 employees worldwide.

Over the past 39 years, M.E.S. has sold thousands of U.P.S. systems and currently maintains more than 3,500 units at facilities in sectors such as banking, pharmaceuticals, hotels, communications and investment, sovereign authorities, embassies, oil and government and educational institutions

The company also executed projects related to batteries of all kinds. Lead Sealed Acid, Industrial Batteries and Telecommunication Batteries. SLA batteries are used primarily in devices, and are imported from many countries in the world for each specific application. Customers can choose from different models of battery life as well as design the battery string in their systems to provide different operating times (battery autonomy) during power outages, ranging from a few minutes to several hours, as well as their inclusion in the aftermarket equipment.

Maintenance is not offered for trademarks sold by the company only, on the contrary, the company is proud to provide such services to all brands, models and systems.

The trained technical staff will perform between four and six visits per year for each client to periodically inspect all equipment and devices. This degree of follow-up allows engineers and technicians to detect any malfunctions early, thus protecting customers from potential breakdowns and malfunctioning devices. If eminent failure is found, the device is removed from the site if necessary and undergoes a complete process of in-depth investigation and maintenance. This level of service is unique to it and is not offered anywhere else in Egypt.

At MES. A highly skilled technical staff capable of repairing electronic boards to the most complex levels, from modules and boards to components. Because of the sensitive nature of this procedure and because it requires experienced technicians and capabilities, it is a special service provided only in the MES and it is difficult to be located elsewhere.


M.E.S. is proud to provide after sales service for all brands, models and systems whether sold by the company or available at clients in the market.

M.E.S. trained staff pay from four to six visits a year to each client for a regular check-up of all equipment and devices. This consistency in examinations and follow-up allows technical staff to detect any failures early, thus protecting clients from possible malfunctions and crashes. If a failure is indeed found, the device is removed from site and undergoes a complete process of in-depth investigation and maintenance. This level of service is unique to M.E.S. and is not offered anywhere else in Egypt.


M.E.S. employs a highly skilled  technical staff able to repair boards to the most intricate of levels, beginning with modules and boards all the way to components. Because of the delicate nature of this procedure and the fact that it requires rather experienced staff, it is a special service that is only provided only at M.E.S. and hard to be matched elsewhere.

Maintenance is provided to all UPS brand whether sold by ME.S. or any other company..

Data Centers

Today’s corporates recognize the pressing need for data centers to house their servers needed to absorb all the information and software  necessary to optimize and enhance their business performance. In the age of automation and cloud-based communication, companies are expected to have secure and reliable data centers, to further drive their work and improve their physical infrastructure, as well as their online presence.

As M.E.S. is a comprehensive and integrative service provider, the company offers turnkey data center services – meaning that, for clients, building and managing a data center just became as easy as turning 

















a key in a lock. 

We provide design of data center passive infrastructure, building and executing it, then manage its life cycle through preventive maintenance. This is all done in a customizable fashion, where each built center is created to serve the client’s needs in terms of reliability, scalability, performance and budgetary requirements. Our offerings also include periodical site assessments, to ensure that the data center usage is optimized and does not waste any of the company’s energy resources.

This means that M.E.S. is there every step of the way, both devising and implementing, all the while oriented towards the client’s requests and needs. For that to be achieved, the company offers all scales of data centers, including co-location and large centers, all the way to micro-centers and server rooms. Maintenance and upkeep is provided for each of them, tailored to their exact case.

Of course, as part of the data center construction, M.E.S. provides all the integral passive components, including but not limited to:

  • Server racks and enclosures

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

  • Close control Cooling Equipment

  • Network Connectivity

  • Power Distribution

  • Security Systems and Surveillance

  • Environmental Monitoring

Facility Management

Because of the company’s commitment to offering comprehensive services to clients, our staff is also trained in the field of Facility Management for complete locations (buildings, shops, offices, etc), through which they ensure that all administrative and technical aspects of professional establishments are up to the operational standard.

This is done through meticulous and highly integrative actions, requiring hours of training and briefing, but is a service that is of tremendous importance to high-end business clients looking to guarantee that their office spaces are operating at the optimal condition.

Our staff is committed to providing solutions that cater to every client’s needs, as we understand that 

each entity and building has its own maintenance requirements, from hard facility management services, such as electrical and mechanical work, plumbing, safety systems, heating and air conditioning, and any and all general construction, all the way to soft facility management including cleaning, waste management and security. From the smallest details of organization all the way to the maintenance of the building itself, M.E.S. offers services that adhere to international standards and ensure that all clients have high-functioning facilities.

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